this too, is yuri | a yuri of absence web clique


  1. Your site doesn't have to be about yuri; you just have to care enough about yuri to join this clique!
  2. This is an all-ages clique, so if your site contains NSFW content, please label it such that people can opt-out if they're checking out their fellow members.
  3. Please keep what you put on your listing entry PG-13 at most—consider that part of the challenge of seeing yuri in everything.
  4. You've gotta keep the clique code on your site somewhere where it's easy to find! (So, like, a links/cliques/joined page is totally fine.) It's in the spirit of the exercise, since the point is that the list links to you, and you link back to the list so people can find other people with similar interests.
  5. We're here for all parts of the queer community here. Bigotry and hateful content on member sites will result in your removal from the list with no appeal.
  6. Only self-maintained websites—it's okay if you're using a CMS, just no social media/carrd/rentry/linktree/etc.
  7. Personal sites only, please! No commercial projects.

If that all looks good to you, then head on over to the join page!