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new layout + stamps + photo diary update

Added another layout to the layouts page—eventually I want to set up some filtering mechanisms but for now there's like two so that would be overkill. I also added some homemade stamps to a sub-page under resources (it's all vtubers. i'm sorry slash you're welcome) and added another photo to the photo diary (chag pesach sameach)

4/24/24 • 2:43pm | mood: hungover?

more tutorials!

I've had some links for tutorials on the resources page for a bit, but now all of them have content instead of just one! Learn my secrets! Make your website cooler! Nothing too hard or fancy, and all extremely doable on neocities.

4/12/24 • 3:46am | mood: energized

yuri clique + layouts

some little additions—added my little yuri web clique and also put in a section for stuff i've joined, and then also I started a layouts section that you can get to via resources or via its own page. hoping to add more in the near future, plus i have some ideas about putting together a modular layout generator. I might also release a version of the javascript that runs the clique since it's pretty simple and doesn't require any server-side scripting.

4/9/24 • 1:02am | mood: mid

early april updates

wow! adding things to the site!

on the resources page i wrote up the tutorial for how i made the audio player here + also added a whole list of links to other pages with useful resources for retroweb/yesterweb stuff. although i will say it's nice to live in The Future(tm) where yeah we can do websites like this but also have access to modern templating engines and utilities so I don't have to be painstakingly copypasting headers and footers everywhere.

if you want to see my uh. my very normal shell script for compiling this site and uploading it—

anyway i'm hoping to fill out the rest of the tutorials i've got slated early this week! my next week after is busy but after that maybe... freeware layouts. it's been like 84 years since i made them...

4/02/24 • 3:25pm | mood: bittersweet

hello world!

oh g-d people are looking at my site hjelp

hi! i'm carly smallbird and this is my new little website that i'm setting up. i was really missing just. making websites more or less by hand (...ish. i'm using a combo of nunjucks-to-html and shell scripting to do some templating and file pre-processing, but, you know) and the community on neocities seems really great and reminds me of when i was 14 and painstakingly making like 15 geocities sites with anime girls on them

i do this for a living, technically, so it's funny that this is well more ambitious than, like, my professional website. my professional website doesn't have an audio player or anything like this, ha ha