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I.M.: A rusty, decaying vehicle is resting on top of wheel tracks.

R.M.: Right.

I.M.: Then you imagine that one day two girls were there... Isn't that already totally yuri?

R.M.: Right...

I.M.: So a grassland somehow becomes yuri.

R.M.: A grassland, huh.

Iori Miyazawa interviewed by Rikimaru Mizoguchi, tr. Kati

Iori Mizoguchi, author of Otherside Picnic, famously put into words the idea that scenery or a landscape can be yuri in the imagination. And so, the internet started naming all kinds of things "yuri." This too, is yuri is a web clique dedicated to sharing what, to you, is yuri: what themes and images evoke the essence of... well, thinking about two girls. Or more girls, for that matter.

What is a web clique?

A web clique is a listing of sites where the webmaster has a common interest, indicated with a small link code that has a custom component to show your personality! Some web cliques used to be "elite," but most these days aren't, and this one certainly isn't. All you have to do is be into yuri, fill out the form, and link us on your site.