bird wrongs

about me

  • name: carly / ruiyi (睿翼)
  • age: 30s
  • pronouns: she/they
  • sign: aquarius

we made websites like this when i was 13. nice to get back into it :)

i'm a recovering software engineer and habitual programmer who started making websites at age 12 on geocities (do not cite the old magic to me; i was there when it was written, etc). i don't trust what the internet has become, so i want to try and make it a little more like what it was.

greener spaces irl; greener spaces online


colors pink, sage, beige

foods jiaozi, bao, pasta

drinks cappuccino

animals birds, cats

music akb48, yorushika, hoshimachi suisei, mother mother, tripleS, bump of chicken, =love, itzy, kessoku band, mimi, miminari, midnight grand orchestra, uchu nekoko, heize, dreamcatcher, mamamoo, the beths, axolotes mexicanos, la oreja de van gogh, iz*one, lightsum, weak fish, hwasa

tv/comics lucifer and the biscuit hammer, bocchi the rock, akb0048, bodacious space pirates, scavenger's reign, she-ra: princesses of power, love me for who i am, fullmetal alchemist, mystic pop-up bar, uncanny counter, gravity falls, steven universe, the executioner and her way of life

books the locked tomb series by tamsyn muir, the old kingdom series by garth nix, the rook by daniel o'malley, howl's moving castle by diana wynne jones, to say nothing of the dog by connie willis

games arknights, mahjong soul, pokemon unite, ffxiv, holocure